Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight - Timex!

Timex is my main sponsor and I am so excited to be with them this year, for the 5th year!

I came on to the Timex Multisport team as an age-grouper with only 1 year of 'real' racing under my belt (2008 Racine 1/2 Ironman and Ironman WI).  Timex took a chance on me and I am still SO THANKFUL for that :)  The Multisport Team offered so much more than product and discounts, it offered a triathlon family.  The depth of knowledge and experience on the team is unreal and really the greatest resource a new, aspiring triathlete can ask for.  If there is one thing I have learned in this sport is that you have to be ALWAYS open to learning, criticism and growing.  There is no one person that 'knows all' and we can really all learn from each other.

I spent 2 years on the team as an age-grouper, both years making the podium at Kona, and then with Timex's support, transitioned to the professional ranks in 2011.  This is my third year racing as a pro and I can say I have continued to learn and grow each and every race I do.  I have dealt with injury, family changes, ups and downs and through everything my Timex family has been there, knowing that not every race season is your best but that with every struggle we come back even stronger.

I'm excited to race in the Timex colors again this year and hope to keep being a positive ambassador for the team I truly love :)

First year on the team!  2009 Timex team camp in sunny California :)

Fun racing w/ Leadman Vegas 2012 :) 
2012 Team Awards - Given at our annual Team Camp!

Fun Team photo from camp, 2011

2013 Timex Ladies :)