Monday, July 15, 2013


Hi Friends!!

Wow, summer is busy!  So much coaching, swimming, biking, running, camping, grilling, and fun I have just not gotten around to posting.  SO, what's the update?

1.  Triathlon - training has been going well and I think I have crawled out of the depths of out of shape-ness and am starting to get back into my groove!  I am racing Racine 70.3 this weekend, which I would really consider the kick-off of some bigger races for the year.  After that it's Ironman Mont Tremblant Aug 18, Ironman WI Sept 8th, and either IM Florida or Cozumel at the end of the year.   Whew, I will be a tired girl come December!!  But man do I love racing :)

Love this girl!  Whitney and me after Kansas 70.3...she rocked it, I got the cobwebs out...

2.  Coaching - I've been busy this summer w/ Open water swim training, individual coaching, and the Fourier Fitness Youth Tri Team

This is the 3rd year for Tri-Swim Madison open water group and we just keep growing.  It really becomes a close-knit group and I am so happy to spend the early mornings and evenings with such fun people.

Plenty of time in the Kayak and on the Paddleboard this summer! 
For individual coaching I partnered with Endurance House this year to be able to provide more group workout opportunities as well as store discounts and a real team atmosphere.  I have a great group of athletes and have enjoyed getting to know each person better and work toward goals.  It's crazy how much you become invested in your athletes as a coach, and I'm excited (and nervous) every time they race!

The youth tri team is a new adventure for me this summer.  The team has 25 members, ages 10-15, and meets twice a week for practice. Our team races are coming up quick:
August 10 
Oregon Kids Tri, Oregon

August 17 
Tri 4 Schools, Middleton

August 24 
IronKids Madison

3.  Other stuff-  I have an amazing boyfriend and we have been just doing as much as we can this summer!  It's great to have someone with a similar lifestyle and goals to spend time and go on adventures with.  We are pretty much packing up my car to the brim each weekend and heading out to race, camp, spend time with family, or sometimes all 3!!  I am a lucky girl :)

THANKS for reading and I hope to see you at the races or out training!!  There will be many race reports coming soon :)