Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Swim, bike, run, burrito. Day 2 CEC camp.

Today we met at Ventana Canyon with our cars packed to the hilt for day 2 of CEC pro camp.   I won't bore you with the nitty gritty, but lets just say we did it all and enjoyed some great mild weather today!

(Big thanks to Wattie for the photos)

We swam. 
4400yd strength swim

We biked.
~3 hrs, including climb up to Windy Pt. (14 miles) on Mt. Lemon. 

We ran.
Short run off the bike w/a 5 min build to something much faster 
than the recommended half IM pace we were instructed :) 

We ate some awesome mexican food.  
mmmm.  it was a good day. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Escaping Winter - Training Camp!

It's about time I get back on the 'blog' wagon, and it seems that training camp is always a time that I  feel like sharing.

To rewind a bit first:  This has been the best winter of my adult life :)  I have the best man I can imagine, a lifestyle I wouldn't trade for anything in the world, and am healthy!  Putting on the snowshoe races proved to be just what I needed to stay busy and motivated during the coldest January we have had in WI.  We had growing numbers and I am PUMPED to find out that the Snowshoe National Championships are in WI next year!  SO I will do my best to make at least one of the Snowshoe Scurry races a qualifier.

Additionally, on the training front, I have been able to get in a great groove and am probably in my best 'winter' shape ever.  This has got me super excited to start racing but also motivated to continue to try and make some improvements all around before rushing into anything.  There is always so much work to be done!!

So last week I was able to visit my sister and her great fiancĂ© Travis in the Miami, FL area.  We had a great time running, laying on the beach, and checking out their favorite restaurants.  I do love a recovery week :)

Now I'm here in sunny Tucson for my 3rd adventure at Cliff English's pro camp.  He puts this on for his athletes each year and it's a great time to get some face time with coach (only a couple athletes actually live here) and reconnect with everyone from previous years :)  I am excited to get to it all this week, especially getting some miles in on my new Trek!!

Check back all week for stories, pictures, and video!  You can also find another perspective from fellow camper Chris Bagg

Thanks for stopping by!