Monday, April 14, 2014

2014 is Underway!! FL 70.3 race report.

After a long winter in WI, and some time training in AZ and FL in March, the long awaited race season has finally started!!  This weekend I traveled to sunny FL to see how I fared in the heat for a 70.3 season opener.  Here's how it went down (sorry I don't have any race pictures....)

Pre-race: Swim called wetsuit legal!  This was just a surprise (to me) after we swam in this 'Lake' Eva (it's actually a pond, but we're in FL where they also don't know what hills are) in our speed suits and it was GREAT.  I actually felt really good.  Well, despite that, thanks to a very generous friend, I did find a wetsuit to wear so I wouldn't get left behind on the swim.  

Ok, race day! 

Swim:  VERY dark to start, prob should have brought some light or clear goggles, but it ended up fine. I started in toward the buoys and everyone else lined up far left.  I had a great start, swam 500m hard, didn't have to deal with any swim traffic that whole first stretch, and eventually the other girls came over to join me on the buoy line.  I grabbed the feet of Cait Snow (leading the chase pack) and had a fairly chill swim on her feet the rest of the way.  27:14 (only a min down from the 3 leaders...although I didn't know that at the time!) 

Bike:  Got out on the bike and unfortunately Cait was off and gone before I knew it :)  So I just settled in and stuck to my watts and race plan.  A couple other girls came up and I was able to hang with them the rest of the ride (just having someone in sight makes the ride SO much easier!).   April lead the charge for most of the ride and I was feeling pretty good for being able to stick with the pace changes and hold goal watts (same as I was doing last fall) for an early season race where I really haven't had too much outside riding!!  2:25, avg 23.16 mph (yay!) 

Run:  I came into T2 w/April and Amber F.  and we tore out of there.  Amber was heading out at a good clip so I worked a little to try and stay with her but unfortunately reality set in that I was just not used to that heat!!  I was able to run fairly even throughout the run, but I don't think it was very pretty.  

Overall:  I'm happy with the race!  It's always nice to get the first one out of the way, blow out the cobwebs and see where your fitness is at.  I ended up finishing 6th woman (just 40 sec out of 5th) in a field with some great girls.

"Why didn't I go faster?!" lol

I am thankful to be able to do what I do everyday.  I know support comes in many forms, and I have a TON of it!!  THANK YOU!

Next up:  Ironman Texas, May 17

I also have some talks and events coming up and would love to see you: 

TOMORROW, Tues Apr 15 Endurance House Middleton, Swim Training for Triathlon, Free swag! 6pm talk, 6:30pm fun run

May 23-25  Weekend Tri Camp!  All levels welcome - supported swim, bike, run, guest speakers and meals provided!  Madison Area, more info or to sign up: Tri-Camp

May 30  Wetsuit Clinic, Fireman's Park in Verona, Blue Seventy suits on hand to try out, free! 

Some fun after the race :)  
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