Clinics and Camps

  • Bring in a PRO to talk Tri!  
  • Great for: Tri-Clubs, Tri or Run stores, Training groups, Pre-race events
  • Topics:  Ironman, training, racing, nutrition, work/life balance, hydration
  • Perks of bringing me in:  Sponsor support (Timex, Powerbar, Shimano, Blue Seventy), experienced, and professional.

  • Book a 3 or 4 day Triathlon Boot Camp!
  • I will lead you through a long weekend packed with coached technique and workout sessions in all 3 sports, including learning important race and workout warm-ups.
  • This is a focused camp and can be tailored for any ability or race distance!  
  • Round up 5-10 of your training partners and friends, find a few days to focus on you passion of triathlon, and let me work you out!

Email me at: with any questions, for pricing, and to get a clinic or camp scheduled. 

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