Monday, May 27, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight - RACC

I'm starting a new series of posts here on my blog...not committing to a frequency, but rather just want to make a special post about each of my sponsors for this year!

My first Sponsor Spotlight is going to a new sponsor and partner this year, RACC - Racers Against Childhood Cancer.  The team's "Mission is to use the passion and competitive spirit of Races to raise awareness and money for research and the fight to defeat childhood cancer".  Learn more here: RACC Story.   RACC is based out of Milwaukee, WI and is my charity partner for the year!  If you would like to help me support the cause please let me know.  I will be racing with the RACC logo on my kits in hope of raising awareness and funds for the families and children affected by cancer.  I'm excited to have a cause 'bigger' than me to be racing for this year :)  

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend and happy training!! 

Mark and me at the Great Lakes Multisport - Cooney Duathlon (to benefit RACC) this last weekend, so fun and SO MANY RACC racers! 

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