Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lost blogs and more...

Hey all....if anyone is still looking at this thing!!  So somehow all of my blogs from the last year and a half disappeared and I don't have the time or know-how to get them back up.  I really need to consult a professional.

ANYHOW...things have been happening, I've just not wanted to post with the bummer of losing all of those amazing pieces of literary work that told the story of my recent life.   I gotta move on (unless anyone knows how or is willing to help me fix it!).  (clearly I am not moving on very well...)

SO I'm heading to Tucson tomorrow to start a 3 week training camp with my coach Cliff English and the other pro's he coaches.  I went last year, on a whim, and LOVED it.  February is truly the perfect time to get out of WI, get some sun, and get FIRED up and motived to do some triathlons.  So updates and photo's galore coming your way for the next month!!

Love you all.  I'm going running.


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  1. I can see your old posts/blogs/photos. Hope you're running indoors. :)