Monday, February 4, 2013

CEC Camp 2013 - Day 1

This will be quick...not much spare time since obviously The Bachelor was on and now it's bedtime!

Today marked the start of my train-cation here in Tucson under the expert direction of Cliff English and in the great company of some other pro triathletes.  We are at different levels of fitness, all with different race goals, but have come together to see what our bodies can do with a hard 3 week block of work!  I know I'm excited!!

We start each day with a swim outside at the University of Arizona Rec Center pool.  It's chilly here still in the mornings, but it makes the heated pool feel all the better.  Having been out of the swim for a while I'm easing back in, but still managed a 4k this's how it looked:

warm up:
2x400 swim choice
400 with drill
400 with kick

transition set:
2x(4x25 on 0:25 descend, 4x50 on 0:50, 4x25 on 0:20, 100 easy)

200 easy

Main set:  (I did only once through, others did twice through...I also went in the 'slow' lane to not completely shock my system and have some rest...hopefully by next week I can move to the faster pace!)
4x (125 on 1:50, 75 on 1:10)

Cool down

After the swim it was straight to our run.  Cliff found us a nice 2.8(ish) mile loop where we did ~1 loop warm up then a farlek run.  He hung back with me and worked a bit on head position and some technique...which I am really going to focus on during my time here- and really all the time.  So 2 loops of the run and done deal!  Felt great to be out in the sun and sweating!!

That was it for our coached workouts today.  I had some lunch, an epic nap, and made it out on a nice bike ride out and back on Gates Pass.  OOOFDA...for an easy ride I managed to get a good amount of climbing in, but that's why I'm here.

Camp Totals:
Swim: 4,000yds
Bike: 1 hr
Run: 50 min

Top of Gates Pass

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