Thursday, February 7, 2013

CEC CAMP 2013 - Day 4

HI!!  Well, camp is really underway now and I have luckily found myself in a pair of Sport Pump recovery boots....yep, I know people :)  Today went well and I was struck numerous times with the thought of just how lucky I am to be able to do what I do and have the support that I do.  So huge THANK YOU and MUCH LOVE to everyone in my life that helps make this life possible!!
Pre-ride shot...a little bundled up for the sub 50 degree start!

Today started on the bike.  Gates Pass, a couple McCain Loops, and 2x25 min intervals on Sandario....which translated for non-Tucson-ites means some hills, some flats, and 2 strong efforts on a pretty flat road.  In total it was a good 3 hours 30 minutes in the saddle.  I felt great today and am glad my legs are coming around.
Getting some instruction before the intervals
Intervals done.  We need water and snacks! 

We did a little run off the bike and then got on home for some food!!

I refueled with an avocado turkey burger and some fruits and veggies.  So Good! 

Later....short nap and somehow mustered up the energy to flounder around in the pool for a bit.  Also had a quick visit from fellow Wisconsinite,  Thomas Gerlach...who brought me some yummy popcorn to snack on!! 

And wow, did I mention how awesome these SportPump boots are???  

Tomorrow is a leg rest day.  BOOOYA!  Just swim, yoga and maybe a massage for me :) 

Just lovin' the desert!! 

Camp Totals:
Swim: 14,600yds
Bike: 8.5hrs
Run:  2hr 18min

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