Friday, February 8, 2013

CEC Camp 2013 - Day 5


So today is pretty much my ideal day.  Coffee, swim, computer time, yoga, massage, and soon to be nap.   No complaints here.  I'm going to be all rested up and relaxed to get rolling on a big weekend of work.

We started with a great swim this morning....Cliff threw in some interesting tactics to make the yards go by quickly, including some pace-lining and some 50's swimming in 'formation'.  I had never done the formation swimming, but found it very useful, since many times in a race you are not right perfectly behind the person next to you.  Getting used to swimming straight and working with the people around you is a great skill.  The main set was 7x200, 1-3 at 1500m effort on 2:45, 1 easy, 5-7 descend on 2:45.  It was rough, and got ugly, but it got done.

Round 2 of yoga....awesome.  Seriously this Yoga Oasis has it figured out.  $5 classes, and they fill up and it gets so many people practicing yoga!  They know...once you're hooked, you're hooked and the people will keep coming.

Thanks to a fellow camper here, I found an awesome massage therapist that has been working on pro triathletes for years and is awesome.  Let me know if you're in Tucson and need a contact...she know's what she's doing!

Well that's it, guys.  Thanks for reading this week and I'm looking forward to hopefully some exciting announcements soon as well as continuing with these camp updates.  What do u like most... workouts, food reports, actual data, the super amazing secret stuff the pros are doing, other ramblings???

LOVE the desert plants :) 
Have a great Friday!!

Camp totals: (added a couple things)
Swim: 19,300yds
Bike: 8.5hrs
Run: 2hr18min
Yoga: 2 hr
Nap: 4hr (doesn't include the nap I'm about to take)

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  1. Love reading about the workouts (used one of the swim sets just the other day!). Hope you have an awesome weekend of training!