Tuesday, February 5, 2013

CEC Camp 2013 - Day 2


Today started again in the pool with a strength swim session where we were able to use all of our 'toys'.  Bands, paddles, pull buoys, OH MY!   My arms and shoulders were feeling the burn for sure on this one, but it was overall an easy swim with no real hard intervals...since apparently tomorrows swim is going to be real tough (yikes.).

U of A Rec Center Pool. 
After the swim we had some time for a snack and I ventured to get some coffee.  This is where I got a little excitement with locking my keys in my car!!  Yep.  dumb.  Luckily my wonderful mother got me a AAA membership and they showed up in only 15 minutes...wow, my lucky day??

We met for our ride at Miles Ahead Cyclery which is owned by a friend of Cliff's.  VERY nice and helpful!!  I love the Mt. Lemon ride, and the weather was amazing today.  Since we are easing into camp we only went up to mile 14 of the climb (real top is at ~mile 27 I think).  This was plenty.  Special thanks to Chris Bagg for the tasty burrito- had half at the top and half at the bottom!!   Here is what my ride looked like:

Power File from warm up, 14 miles up Mt Lemon and decent
Lauren and me at mile 14

Camp Totals:
Swim: 8500yds
Bike: 4hrs
Run: 50 min 

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  1. Wow! I am not sure which most impresses me: the workouts, or your locking your keys in the car. LOL