Wednesday, February 6, 2013

CEC Camp 2013 - Day 3

Today:  Pushing my boundaries in the swim and run, yoga, and good eats!

Swim:   This was my longest and most challenging swim in a while.  You know that feeling when you know your stroke has fallen apart beyond any recognition but you are committed to finishing the set regardless...yeah that was me today.  Since I've been a swimming my whole life, I know that getting in the yards will get me into swim shape.  My technique is arms just aren't used to the yards.   (As a side note:  if you have not been a swimmer and your technique is not sound, this will not work for you and will end up being a waste of time...technique, then yards)

Here is how it went down:

2x400 warm up

2x (2x 50 fast on :40 4x 25 fast on :20---200 ez w/ drill choice :15)

4x ( ( 300--200--100 on 1:20) 50 ez between eachs set)
Build from 300-100.

400 c-d

YOGA:  I found a SWEET DEAL!  Yoga Oasis, $5 yoga hour.  It was amazing and just what I needed to clear the mind and refresh.   Highly recommended.

RUN:  This was after yoga...well not right after...I actually found a Buffalo Exchange store (amazing fun resale shop) that made me a little late for the run (OOOPS!!-  I did get a couple great tops tho!)  We hit the same loop as Monday...this time it was 1 loop easy, some pick-ups, then 1 loop hard.  Man, my run is not in shape.  This was tough and a good reminder that I have a ways to go.  Got in a long cool down and gave myself a little pep talk :)

GOOD EATS:  Had a great dinner with Timex teammate and friend Barry Siff and his wonderful wife tonight.  They always cook up something yummy and even impressed me with some delicious dessert tonight!
Yonanas!  Jammed in some frozen bananas and yogurt frozen in ice cube trays. 
Turns it into something very similar to ice cream...but healthy!!   I LOVE IT!! 

Camp totals:
Swim: 13,100 yds
Bike: 5 hr 
Run:  2 hr

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  1. Ha, that's kind of what my swim feels like right now, too! I have no doubt you will get it back in no time. Enjoy the heat in AZ!