Friday, March 1, 2013

Timex, Mountains, Blizzard and Home!

Despite my best intentions to keep a thorough record or everything at training camp, it just didn't work out that way.  It's always amazing how much time training actually takes and how easily the 'little things' can fall by the wayside.  SO....I'll just pick up where I left off and fill you in on the adventures for the second part of February and show you a bunch of pictures!

Lauren and me after a track session in Tucson
From one of the Giants conference rooms...but also a good reminder for training camp. 
Timex Camp- Feb 14-17:  I got a short break from training camp (much needed) and headed to New Rutherford, NJ to reunite with some of my best friends and team mates at our annual Timex Multisport Team Camp.   This year the highlights were:  Lactate testing on the run from our parters at the Kory Stringer Institute, getting to meet/reconnect with our sponsors, and get some fun Timex Surprises!!  
There are tons of recaps and more fun stories HERE!

Giants Stadium
The NEW Run Trainer 2.0!  Love it.
Getting prepped for the run lactate test...I'm smiling, but was SO nervous about the needle!
Some of my favorites! 
Shimano presentation- PUMPED for the new wheels in 2013
We had Mike Riley as our special guest announcer for our team 5k...made it feel much more real when usually I'm waiting for him to call me an Ironman! 
Me, Denny, Christine on picture day :) 

Timex Ladies

The whole team in the NY Giants Lockerroom

Mountains - Tucson Training, Feb 18-24:  Well, maybe not 'Mountains' plural, but there were a couple climbs up Mt. Lemon!  The remainder of camp was much like the start...plenty of swim, bike and run, but people were a bit more broken down and seemingly ready for a break.  Honestly I had a couple decent workouts, but never really got into any groove.  It felt like I was carrying so much fatigue from the first couple weeks of increasing training so drastically that I just couldn't get anything done.  
Cliff giving some directions for the workout up Mt. Lemon
My favorite ride of the last part of the trip was the climb up Lemon all the way to the top with Mark.  We didn't plan on going to the top (really only planned for Windy point, at mile 14 of the climb), so we didn't have anything for warm clothes.  We just kept on riding and eventually (freezing) made it to the little town of Summerhaven (at mile 25 of the climb) where it was full on winter.  People had driven to the top just to play in the snow, sled, and enjoy something that isn't normal in Tuscon! 
Quick stop, halfway up Lemon!
We tried to go to the cookie shack, which was my main motivator is making it to the top, but there were just a TON of people!  We settled for the general store and loaded up on coffee, soda, fudge and snacks.  We stuffed our jerseys with a plastic bag to block the wind and headed out on one of the best descents I can remember...45min, amazing views and so happy. 

Another photo op on the way down!
Sunday we ended our Tucson trip with a trail run in Saguaro National park through Cactus forest.   There are MILES of trails, used by runners and horseback riders.  There were signs warning about cougars, snakes, and all sorts of crazy desert wildlife, but we didn't encounter any.  We had a great run and drive through the park :) 

Blizzard- and other fun delays (the drive home), Feb 24-27:  It was great to have Mark along for the drive home as it was not nearly as smooth and uneventful as the drive there.  We left Sunday evening since it was a bit chilly and super windy.  We made it to the oddly named town of Truth or Consequences, NM.   Yes, this seemed to be a strange place.  We drove over to Elephant Butte State park in the morning for a little walk and to enjoy NM largest state park :)  
The dried up Elephant Butte Lake...which is supposedly a huge water sports destination. 

We found a buoy and anchor that used to be in the lake!
Monday we made it to CO in time for a quick dinner with friends in Boulder and to stay with some other friends in Denver.  I am blessed to have such great friends all over the country for these impromptu visits and to make travel even more fun!  

We headed out Tuesday morning, determined to make it back to WI....unfortunately the powers that be had other plans for us.  First it was a bulging tire, which led to a couple hrs in a waiting room and the purchase of a couple new tires in Nebraska.  Then it was a dangerous wind and snow storm through Iowa that made driving seriously unsafe.  We stayed the night near Dubuque...and got the last room they had (in the only hotel in the town)! 

Wednesday we finally made it back to the frozen tundra of WI and enjoyed a run on the treadmill first thing.  All that time in the car and we were both plenty ready and motived to get working out again!

Home:  HI!  I'm happy to be back to home base.  I miss the weather and clear roads, but there's something nice about being in a more comfortable place and getting back into a normal routine. 

Here's where I'll be for a bit this weekend:  Endurance House west grand reopening this weekend.  Tons of giveaways.  I'm talking and answering questions on Sunday, 1pm

Race schedule, new sponsors and partnerships and more fun announcements coming soon!!  

Happy training! 

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