Saturday, April 13, 2013

Wisconsin Spring (?)

Well, it's freezing here.... actually 32 degrees freezing (at least at night).  Still, most of the running, cycling, and triathlon community is deadset on outdoor training.  It seems after being forced indoors for training the last 6 (ish) months some alarm goes off when it's April and we MUST BE OUTSIDE!!  We turn all honey-badger and don't even care that we can't feel our feet for the last 2 hours of our ride, or will have frozen icicles on our ponytails at the end of the run.  There is something about just getting out in the fresh air. I have for you the 'I can't believe it's spring and still f-ing cold' Must-have training tips:

1.  Bike:  Do what you can...maybe it's too cold for your 3 hr ride, but getting out for 1-2 hrs is better than nothing!  You can always finish it up on the trainer.  You NEED warm shoe covers, and probably some toe covers underneath them, some AMAZING warm gloves, and a trusty hat to go under your helmet.  If the ears, feet, hands and core are warm you will make it.

2.  Run:  Take those shoes you've been training on the treadmill with all winter and just go run with them outside.  It will be muddy and dirty, but hey, you could use some new shoes anyway (Right?)!   Enjoy the outside, fall in love with running again.   Best item:  wind vest

3.  Wear bright colored glasses that make it LOOK nice out :)  This is key for me....rose or yellow colored lenses.   It seriously works.

4.  Don't obsess over the weather.  It changes non-stop.  Even when you check the night before the next morning it will probably be completely different.  Wisconsin is predictably unpredictable.  THIS is why I just throw all the workout gear I may possibly need in my car....I'm ready for anything from 20-50 degrees, sun, rain, snow, wind.....ok, kidding...but really it's hard to know/plan workouts this time of year so you have to be able to go with the flow.

Soon it will actually be spring.  Flowers, sun, happy people running on trails, bike rides where we can get tan....I can't wait :)

Happy training!

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