Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ironman Mont Tremblant Race Report - 9th Place

Another IM in the books and I'm happy to report that I'm seeing some improvements on the run and am optimistic for more improvement all around!!

This was my first trip up to Mont Tremblant, in beautiful Quebec, Canada.  I was lucky enough to be able to stay VERY close to race start with Marks college friend, Chris Boettcher.

Leading up to the race was nice and relaxed, getting in some easy swims, bikes and a run while getting comfortable in Mont Tremblant.  On Thursday I rode the short hilly out and back (which is at the end of each loop - map on right) and decided I for sure had the wrong cassette on my bike.  Now usually last minute bike changes are not a good idea, but when you have a 12/25 and it's challenging to climb when you're rested and only riding an hour it's for sure going to suck (be impossible) at the end of an ironman.  I took my bike straight on over to the Shimano tent and had them throw on an 11/28.  Best decision EVER.
Saturday morning swim 
Ok, we are ready!!  

Pulled out the red carpet for the Pro bike racks! 
AND our own personal transition chairs!

WAY at the end, but still a good spot :)

We got everything checked in on Saturday and decided all we had to do on Sunday was show up :)  The transition area was awesome, one of the nicest set-up's I have ever seen!!

Race day: 

SO thankful to be staying within walking distance to the start!!  No hassle with parking, we woke up, breakfast, and headed down the hill.  Threw our special needs bags in the buckets, pumped up tires, put bottles on the bike, and started the 10ish min walk to the swim start.
I think this is my 'YIKES!' face :)  Taken just a couple minutes before swim start.

Swim:  This race is a beach start, which makes me pretty nervous...I really like to avoid contact in the swim at all costs.  So, I let everyone go and swam a nice clear path :)  It worked...I found my friend Jess Smith's feet a couple buoys in and just hung out there for the whole swim.  Thinking in my head it might be a bit easy, but hey, Ironman is a long day and I want to be strong on the bike and run!  

Heading out on the bike!

Bike:  Best part about this was that they were handing out Honey Stinger Waffles...this was a surprise to me!   I love my nutrition plan, but also enjoy waffles during I went with it :)  YUM.  Legs were alright, had some shining moments, but also plenty of 'blah' moments when getting passed by a few of the slower swimmers.  I just hung in there and kept it rollin' steady, and stayed on top of eating drinking.  It is such a different day out there depending where you start the race, can be pretty lonely for much of the ride and it's tough seeing the packs of people on the opposite side of the road.   Just gotta put the head down and ride!  5:22

Run: Here is where I was looking to really be strong and test myself.  This is the first race since 2011 that I have really been able to train the run correctly (no injury, etc.).  I felt pretty great most of the time.  It was fun not having mile markers or any real idea of pace, or at first, how many K's I had to go :)  I just ran along at what felt like a solid clip and worked on keeping form in tact.  I know I can be faster here and am excited to keep pushing the limits!!   3:13

Overall, I am happy with this race.  It was a strong field, as it was the North American Ironman Championships, as well as the last big point race for the pro's.  It's tough to leave empty handed (one spot out the money) but is very motivating to keep working and improving.  I want to race where the competition is strong, but may mix in a little more 'cherry picking' next year :)  

9th place woman overall, 9:38:09.  

BIG HUGE THANKS to my friends and sponsors for being there for me.  Namely:  Mark, Timex, Endurance House, QR, Powerbar, Shimano (the Di2 shifting on the bullhorns was KEY on this course), Tri-Bike Transport, Rudy Project, Champion System, Nathan Hydration, Cliff English Coaching, Blue Seventy, Speed Cycling
Cracked a smile in the finish chute :)  Always feels good to run in strong!
Done... and pretty happy about it.

Great to see the town from up high :) LOVE this place!!


  1. Nice report! Love your attitude. Good luck at IM Wisconsin!!

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