Friday, September 12, 2014

2 Week Ironman Turn-Around

Before I head into my Ironman WI race report I thought I would do a quick re-cap of what exactly I did for the 2 weeks between a 2nd place finish at Ironman Louisville and then onto racing IM WI since I sure have gotten that question a lot...usually quickly followed (or preceded by) "I could never do that" or  "You are crazy".  Unfortunately I have been called crazy more in the last few weeks than I probably ever have been before, and let me tell you, I have done MUCH crazier things ;)

Let me pre-face this 2 week Turn-Around info by saying that this is only a good idea (still debatable) for well-seasoned Iron-distance athletes and those with no injuries.  The body is an amazing thing and truly adapts to what you make it do.  Ironman takes a toll on the body, but I can say that over the years my body had adapted.  Sure, I still get so sore I can barely walk, but after those first 2 days the recovery period (mentally and physically) is much quicker.

Wait, but WHY did I do this??  Well, this was my last chance at both of these races!!  Ironman is changing the pro race circuit and these two (2 of my fav. races) are no longer having a pro prize purse.  This, in addition to the fact that I have finished 2nd twice at Louisville AND there was a lighter field, made me want to go there and and go for the win!!  So I did...but ended in 2nd (again) as you read in my last blog.  Anyhow- no brainer for WI since I live here and it's the best race ever, right?!!'s how it went!  I was very lucky to have some NormaTec Boots lent to me from one of my swimmers, so I was spoiled with getting to sit in those at least once per day during the two weeks. I think these were crucial in the recovery and my legs coming around to actually wanting to run the second week.  Mixed in there were some naps, but not a ton.

I had less swimming than I would have liked the second week due to a bad bee sting on my eye on Tuesday, which left it completely swollen shut on Wednesday and partially shut on Thursday.

As you can see from my Training Peaks input, both weeks were VERY light with the main goal just getting loosened up.  I was on the roller before and after every run and making sure to stretch well.

Thank-you's to those that were crucial for recovery: 
Chantry at Peak Performance Massage
Jessi Koch at Active Body Dynamics
Mark Hering - for doing some short easy stuff w/me
Speed Cycling - I needed that group ride! 
Gary Geiger for the NormaTec's 
Lindsey Heim for the Shorewood Pool Sponsorship during week 1 

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