Monday, December 22, 2014

My 5 Step Process to Be Merry.

It has been at least 10 days since we have seen sun in southern WI.  It is extra rough given the fact that we also don't have any snow.  It's just been plain dreary!  If you are like me, sometimes this can get you down, in a slump, or feeling blah....whatever you like to call it.  Although I'm on the seasonal emotional roller coaster, I have had pretty good luck fending off the blues the last couple years by using  these tricks:

1.  Get fresh air....for me exercise is great, but it is the fresh air that really helps.  Even if it's pretty bad out, getting out for a walk, snowshoe or just playing in the snow can do wonders.

2.  Building on the first point, EXERCISE.  This is the season for parties and drinking.  You can do those things, but make sure you are exercising.   It's a bummer sometimes that you can have a lot of fun seeing friends and enjoying the holidays, but then you start to feel down if you had too many snacks at the party, then your clothes don't fit right, or you are feeling 'gross' just wearing bulky sweaters etc.  The answer to this is exercise.  Start up some sort of 30 day challenge with friends....just something to get you to move each day.  We are currently 17 days into our #30dayrunchallenge and it has been awesome!!

3.  Take plenty of Vitamin D and B12.  This is key.  I take D in the pill form every night with my other supplements and B12 either in pill or in drinks.  Without sun our body can't produce vitamin D and it's unlikely you can get enough from food.   B12 can be found in lean and low fat animal products like fish or low fat dairy, but if you aren't getting that consistently a supplement is a great option!  Both of these vitamins have been proven to improve your mood!!

4.  Stay busy and make plans with positive people!  Don't sit home and be lazy.  This is the time we need to band together and make things fun.  Something active, outside, or maybe a project around the house.  If you do have some down time, or prefer to be alone, find a book that can inspire or encourage you.   For a short daily read I like "Journey to the Heart".

5.  Eat Healthy (most of the time).  We all go out and like to have a cookie here and there....but we can also eat at home and make our own food.  The more you make your own food the healthier you can be.  Learn to cook if you don't know how!  It's a blast and can truly revamp your diet and give you CONTROL over exactly what is going in.  Good fuel in = body runs better.

If you do have a hard time this time of year and aren't doing some of these, please give 'em a try!


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